Jeez Wrld is a music producer who started his youtube channel 3 weeks ago and has already caught fire in terms of listeners and subscribers. His intricate production skill is what makes him so unique. He surely is one of the best in business, and there’s nothing stopping him from getting to the top. He has released a total of 12 beats in the last 3 weeks and each one of them is distinctively unique.

I recently came across one of his beats and being a musician myself, I was amused to witness such amazing use of musicality to create a vibe so vibrant. The beat starts off with subtle vocals and some ecstatic keys that will caress your heart. The beat is surely something out of the world and sounds like something pulled right out of a dream. I can only imagine how great the track will sound with a vocalist or a rapper on it. The drums are programmed with deep musical taste. The soulful melody makes this track even better. The kicks are designed to incur maximum impact and the snares go perfectly in hand with the whole vibe of the beat. This is surely a beat you should check out if you enjoy some deep music intertwined with syncopated drums. There are several musical elements spread throughout the track that makes this beat stand out from the crowd. This is as fresh as it gets.

Here is a link if you want to purchase ab untagged version of the beat here-

You can catch a little glimpse of the beat here –