JMS BRYNT can bring some incredible flow to his hip-hop. A talented artist who has been exploring the different stratas of sound that can be produced, you’ll always find him seeking. Luckily, we can listen to his results, and a lot of it comes in his latest single, F​Ị​Ų. 

If there is dough, you’ll want more. JMS BRYNT uses the suave background of the song to make a memorable, resounding single. The vocal filter almost brings out an alter ego, while he spits lyrics that are factual more than anything else. It is a result more than he could wish for, showing a style that belongs in this casement of music. Though it is only a little more than 2 minutes long, he brings a lot to the flow and style that he puts together. He uses the gaps in the movement to have a freestyle space to have freedom of a high speed atom. JMS BRYNT has people talking about his music, leaving competitors in the dust with his inimitable style. If you hear it the second time, you’ll pick up nuances that would have escaped the first time around. 

You can listen to JMS music on his Bandcamp, and support him on his socials as well. YÜ G​Ę​Ę KÆ is another single on there that you can listen to, while he lays claim on the throne. Listen to the single here and follow him for more!: