Kenney specializes exclusively in making eclectic blends of euphony that make you go weak in the knees. Add to that, the stun of Sterling Duns effortless rap, Elle Gyandoh’s vocals, and, Murphy Bug’s soothing style, and you get If It Lasts (Remix) by Joe Kenney. Mixing music theory, jazz fusions, rock, and soul, the artists have found the points of interaction in their styles and made a euphonic paradiso.

The track opens with a stylish rap and effortless verse flow that dips in and out across the soundscape. Its beautifully calming synth keys swish about in an ocean of guitar basslines. Lines of acoustic strings rain in the background. Imagine immersing into a lake of glimmering navy blue melodies, as the vocals deliver with a sweet tone that leaves you aching with tenderness. It’s reminiscent of the wonder and majesty of a sky full of stars, a magical forest, or entrancing stories.

All artists beautifully blend their vocal textures to suit the soothing piano melodies and sipping synths. The slow-flowing tempo does wonders for the theme as it allows flexible dilations of tune textures and the free manifestation of patterns. Dragging on an intense blue melancholy and cerulean clarity, the rap delves deeply into the theme. Pop-soul/R&B at its best, the intricate canvass is weaved with an elegant hand. The masterful embellishment is loaded with energy as each of its elements strives to compound its effect.

Mellow and relaxing, it’s a song that unfurls with delicate grace. Its highs and lows are smooth; without a strike of cumbersome. The track exists because it has to exist. It flows into the world as a fatalistic messenger. There’s no force, just a peaceful acceptance and full love.

Listen to If It Lasts (Remix) by Joe Kenney, featuring Sterling Duns here –