Joe Lington is a R&B/Soul artist. He explores a range of soul samples and styles, hip-hop to energetic electro-soul fusions. He is known for his love for rhythm, using it to create beautiful circuits of dance music, soulful performances and others. Since his debut in 2017 with album, ‘Nouveau départ’ the artist has released four albums, each one a swirling concoction of blues, soul, funk, and beats. This article delves into the artist’s sophomore album, ‘Trust’. Composed of thirteen songs, the collection explores the hubs of hip-hop and R&B in enjoyable ways. Listen Now!

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It is amazing how versatile Joe’s vocals are. It adapts with effortless ease to the changing styles and environments across the album. In tracks like ‘Ce Soir’ and ‘Remember’, we see his upbeat maneuvers while in other tracks like ‘My Mother’, ‘Ce Monde’ and ‘Elle’ his baritones almost take on a glassy tones, glowing with the touching sentimentality of the themes. In the title track, ‘Yeah’ and ‘She Got Me’ we get to see mellow rap fixtures that are progressively eroded by lo-fi synths and beats.

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