If you’re looking for a playbook to cope with the voices in your head and the strength to fight them, Fight by Jordan B. Martin is for you. The artist uses doozy synths and concentrated basslines to create mazes of illusions and hallucinations. Both tender and tough, the track is immersive and impactful.

A light born from the cracks in the dark walls of the mind, the track is incredibly empowering and inspiring. Dappling with mental health can be confusing and exhausting. With sick beats, reflective verses, and a snaking bassline, the track depicts a raging battlefield, inside our heads, that we all know too well.

The track spells out an illuminating message about the degrading effects of medication and equates it to pleasing the evil in the head as opposed to fighting them. Mellow synths rally in the backdrop as the forceful passion of the rap verses revs us. It throws light on the uncontainable strength that we carry and encourages us to use it instead of numbing it with meds.

Haunting basslines throw caution to the wind as hypnotic synths draw us deeper into the soundscape. It’s really fascinating to see how the artist exposes us to the alluring daze of drugs and simultaneously slaps us awake with the honesty in the verses.

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