Juleunique has an inquisitive mind. He is not one to keep quiet, and watch from the sidelines. His lyrical prowess is climbing, is unmatched, and he questions the reality we live in. His profane thought and quality love for hip-hop and what the genre brings is felt in Feed The Crooks. 

More than one reason why this song is brilliant. Like Black Thought or Talib Kweli, here Juleunique brings his sharp wordplay and issue to the spotlight. As the world is eaten by money hungry villains, this artist brings his understandably hostile world-view into the window frame to see. His brilliance is understood in the way he deconstructs the issue, something we have heard of several times. Words are the only weapons we have, and this kind of tone helps break it down better. The R&B infused background doesn’t go unnoticed. It has an ability of pausing time to create the dissonance required to think about the lyrics and the gravity they bring. This is another artist who will watch with eyes wide open, crafting his own solutions to a world that seems to be poisoned with crimes against humanity.

To bring the human back to human, this artist has some interesting themes. His track Trap Door; Geppetto Strombolli is another superb single by him that creates the kind of waves it should. Purpose and music come together with this kind of dream, and we always like to hear this from a strong independent artist. Listen to his unique sound with us here: