Fresh after the release of his debut EP, Chromatose, JUNK has dropped his new single, They Call Me Old Man. JUNK is the musical moniker of saxophonist Dirty D. Dabbling in all things jazz and funk, Dirty D has a compulsive drive to create and craft. The themes that he explores and conceptualized are inspired by personal experience, pursuits, and truths. 

The track is layered with electric rivulets of sax melodies. Its atmosphere is drenched in the purple magic of jazz and funk. Vintage profiles meets contemporary styles. The emphatic rap flow has the stamp of truth and authenticity as it ebbs from the trappings of the artist’s life. Powered by vivacious synthetic beats, the verses become more impactful. 

With his debut EP, he set the stage for his affecting hip-hop/jazz combos. While the EP addressed musical concepts, They Call Me Old Man is more visceral with raw verses at its forefront. The silky smooth jazz melodies expound and embellish the compounding advice in his vocals, carving out a perfect balance of sonic and wisdom. 

The track is available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and Apple Music! 

You can listen to They Call Me Old Man by JUNK here –