Born with the name Tavares Taylor, Lil Reese is a Hip-Hop artist who is known for his innovative tracks that sound something out of this world. The ATG is a producer who produces music that has some great impacts and instrumentation. Both these artists, Lil Reese and The ATG recently came together to create an album that is packed with tracks that are something fresh out of the oven. Equipped with ATG’s innovative music and deep musicality, each track on this album is surely a banger. You will be amazed to witness something so great.

The album was released on November 11 of 2022 and has already amassed over 200K+ streams. The way all the tracks in the album are structured is amazing. You should give this album a go! The album has a total of 11 tracks and each one of them is an amazing one.

The first two tracks on the album are 300 Shit and Everywhere I Go which are both the beginning of the album. The way these tracks create the vibe of the album is what paves the way for the tracks that are coming up ahead. Both these tracks showcase some amazing musical and lyrical skills. The second track features Prince Dre who took the track a step ahead.

The third track on the album is named Just Vibin’ which is one of my personal favorite tracks from this album. The track is packed with some deep melodies and lyrics that are immersive. The way this track is executed is remarkable. This track features Wuda.

Next up on the list is Fallback which is a great club banger that can make you dance and move with the beats. This is followed by the track Ride which features some amazing musical elements that are chosen really well. The vibe of the track is well set by the music for the vocals. This is the second track on the album that features Wuda.

The next three tracks on the album are, Clocks, No Matter What, and Pressure which are all well-written and have deep meanings. All these three tracks can be considered the body of the album.

The next two tracks are the bridge towards the end of the outro. These tracks are well structured to slowly let the pace and the energy down to conclude the album. The level of production and lyricism in this album is surely elite.

The album is concluded with the instrumental of the first track which is 300 Shit. The exquisite production skills are clearly visible in this track. This is one of the most innovative ways of concluding an album that I’ve come across. Do give this album a go! You will surely love it.

This is surely an album to be discovered that packs some amazing tracks. You can catch a little glimpse of the album by Lil Reese and The ATG down here-