Lord Infinit3 is a rapper and hip-hop artist. His interpretation of the genre is quite unique as he blends emo-rap with conscious hip-hop, genre-bending beats, and a rawness that is unprecedented. The result is an avant garde structure that despite its novelty feels familiar and authentic. Much like his sonic name, there’s an infinity that can be found in each of his compositions. In the abstract spaces that he fathoms and the contemplations that he evokes. His latest release is ‘Midnight Payload’, a track in which his style is especially pronounced. With explosive vocals, gritty vulnerability, and a confident spell, the emo flows turbulently into the rap spheres. It is quite impressive how he’s able to inextricably merge the two genres. A commendable niche that is well-executed.

iTunes Artwork for 'MIDNIGHT PAYLOAD - Single (by Lord Infinit3)'

The track is marked by its dark and distorted atmospheres. Lord’s verses are emphatic streaks of emotion. Each element of the track is devoted to fleshing out the thematic emotion, be it texture, voice, lyrical, and rhythmic. The artist deliberately introduces an asymmetry into the soundscape, perhaps to bring out the essence of the narrative in a more conceptual and affecting way. Really great ideas, beautifully executed. Lord Infinit3 is really a trail blazing kind of artist. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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