Love Ghost turn the heat up with every song. There isn’t a collaboration they aren’t willing to do,not a genre they’re not willing to touch. They return to their hip-hop/rock roots with a twist in their latest single. Maybe this is the kind of surprise you have been waiting for. This one is called Dope Man

Featuring Camidoh and DJ Switch Ghana, this has an intersplicing element of rock and rap. The song has the gravity to completely snatch your attention, keeping a stellar heart of stone. Emotional rattling remains, Love Ghost connect with their listeners with that. The heartbeat like percussion creates a lot of material to reverberate off of. Love Ghost are bringing a new colour to the facade, while giving you the same brand you love. Camidoh and Dj Switch Ghana have their strong fingerprint in the song as well, and all seems well with how we listen to this song. Dope Man is one of their catchiest, and these guys have made some incredible, personal music. 

You can listen to any number of their songs on Spotify, and the list will keep growing. From pop punk to hip-hop and even metal, we have heard Love Ghost in several projects. You can listen to Love Ghost’s particular sound in this delectable cocktail from them. Listen to the single here with us!