In many ways, Love Ghost is the Linkin Park of the streaming era. This indie band has made strides like no other, their popularity resonating with the youth of the digital age. As the lyrics are relatable, so is their sound-syphoned from the resultant of a world that seems to be descending into dystopia. This is their latest single, Ghost Town.

Featuring Santa RM for some pristine verses, this track is an answer to the bad vibrations. The rock infused track has powerful distorted guitar, punctuating and creating a rhythmic palette for the verses. The lead to the chorus has a powerful kick to the sound, the guitar bends and sudden loss of tempo creating the texture required. The Spanish rap section is a beautiful change from the lyrics that were getting heavy, almost like a respite. The pulpit is graced by these fantastic preachers, creating a dense and complex idea of song and sound. The connection is instant, live wire, with a zeal that is difficult to recreate.

Love Ghost are constantly redeveloping their sound. From several collaborations to exploding their genre library to make it more inclusive, they have a catalogue of envy now. Their thought constantly brings to light topics some artists might never touch. The songs pulsate with the glee, problems and demons that we battle regularly. Listen to their new single here: