Punk makes a revival with Love Ghost. This prolific band pumps out at least 2-3 tracks a month, collaborating with brilliant, underrated indie artists. From resonating with their audience to touching so-called “taboo” subjects, they have become the unofficial voice of a generation that will learn through music. This one is called Hollywood Blvd., featuring Go Golden Junk. 

This is pop punk in the best form we get it. Love Ghost dabble in everything, from hip-hop to a nu-metal feel and rock as well. They return to this genre with Go Golden Junk, painting a picture of a place they are fond of. The band has created an anthem unknowingly, a song that can play on the street and people immediately link to it. Simple chord progressions, effective lyric writing and a love for the place has churned out something innovative and well crafted. The hip-hop verses are welcome, bringing a Spanish touch to the Cali heat. A great balance is found between the tempo and sharp lyricism of the hip-hop verse. Love Ghost do it again, and in style. 

Glock and Dope Man are their recent singles which you should really check out. Their collection is intensive, varied and very dynamic, like you’re listening to multiple groups. Love Ghost will continue to surprise and innovate, and we’re always ready for the next rodeo!: