Love Ghost can return to many states of being with their music. Sometimes, it is difficult to pinpoint the place they will land on the map. All we know is that we are guaranteed emotion and entertainment. Another slice of truth, another track. This one is called Luna Azul. 

So you have heard this band explore it all. They really stretch themselves while performing. They return to their pop punk roots with this latest number, while navigating some of the diciest rock hooks. Their chorus parts are as catchy as ever, while retaining that emotional centre. Fans of Love Ghost know that the flow will always choose vulnerability. The band doesn’t disappoint with this, this song has all that energy caught in this net. Luna Azul gives that retro moment when they started out, as well as the level of production and quality they have got to now. It is a whole other level of finesse. They own it, when they play it. 

Listen to their song below and follow them for more! They have a new EP coming out soon, so check out this space for their release. It is a rocking couple of weeks, and you’ll be in for a surprise with Love Ghost. This is their latest here: