Lukx is a Belgium-based father-son music production duo carving out musical canvasses with a mellow vibe. Their discography is loaded with over 30 multi-lingual singles, each with its own brand of melodies and tunes. Mixing French and English lyrics, their music oscillates between the Pop and Hip-Hop genres. Having already released seven singles in 2022, Sunny is Lukx ‘s latest single featuring Dad, Polen, Medok, and Jerem.  

The song employs breezy vocals, airy synths, and simple melodies to engender the golden gleam of summer. Twinkling synths ride the soft waves of the French rap verses and dive off the beat groove cliffs. The spaced-out melody patterns simulate the slow days of summer as you unwind to the tunes of the birds and bees. 

The minimalistic aesthetic and mellow style infuses the song with the bare and unadorned charm of a feel-good, sunny day. Sky blue synths and cool melodies shimmy to the surface like a refreshing pool of water as the French verses flow with beguiling effortlessness. Circular guitar melodies blossom with summery bliss in the chorus as the husky vocals lift off like stray leaves in the warm breeze. 

Sunny captures the essence of summer within its streams of melodies and preserves it for a rainy day. The track is now available on Spotify and YouTube Music!

Listen to Sunny by Lukx here –