Having been in the music scene for over 20 years, M-Dot knows how to use music to give life to his message. The independent musician, singer-songwriter, rapper, and artist is a masterful songwriter and composer who has racked up numerous accolades over the years. Written and performed during the pandemic, One Day At A Time by M-Dot, featuring Mary Lankford has a universal appeal. Harnessing the power of vulnerability and love, the track is profoundly emotional and moving.

M-Dot’s love for underground styles and nostalgia for the 90s hip-hop is imprinted all over the track. The chill rap lines sail across a backdrop of mellow beats mixed in with orbs of piano melodies and flourishing saxophone. Using conversational verses, the artist initiates a dialogue of reason, and wisdom with the listeners. The empathy and kindness of the verses are empowering, and instantly comforting. And with Lankford’s alluring vocals floating over like an angel, the track paints a humbling portrait of loving and living.

The artist’s work is, for the most part, autobiographical, as he draws on his life and experiences. This story-telling artist finds a beautiful expression in hip-hop, embellishing his virtuosic skill with mellow-pop streams. The track is produced by Omito Beats and professionally recorded and mixed by Tyler Schafer at Cue Recording Studios and has received positive reception on radio stations and music blogs. It was signed to One Night Stand Music & Management and included on the Independent No. 1’s Compilation Album for indie breakthrough artists.

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