Magnus Mason can speak the truth with a few words. With razor precision-his thoughts titrate into some of the most meaningful lyrics in the indie hip-hop scene. This is the stage where we see his metamorphosis, People Always Told Me. Running the length of a double album, it draws out as a sharp shadow of his image.

The highlights and glowing streaks come from the quality of sound and poetry he aims for. The background lacks excess noise and duress from instruments-it is a thematic swim into shallow water. The illusion of depth comes from his tales of life, love and learning. There are constant aspects that he monitors, thinks about. There are introspective anomalies-things that have played a major role in his life. His drier way of displaying the verses make them grim, and an honest few pages from the journal of his life. The beats’ envelope the sound design, it has a balance that is difficult to achieve even later for artists.

This album features all his music from when he started, in 2020. Since then, Magnus Mason has remained proactive, writing and creating these shards of daily life. The truth behind the lyrics make them relatable and clear. His track Weightless has been intensely popular, for the execution and sharp cuts that the verity leaves.

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