Manu Singh Gill artistically appropriates the national hotline for children in distress set in place by the Indian Government, Childline 1098, featuring VJ Paul to cast light on the reality of children’s affairs in the country. The track shakes you awake with its immutable truths, emotional force, and zealous melodies.

Acoustic piano melodies, serene and calming, open the song. The emotion and sentiment of the song reveal themselves within the first few seconds of the song. And is exponentially heightened by VJ Paul’s innocent vocals. Incredibly touching, the Haryanvi pop-rap that follows, uncovers the soul-stirring reality of children’s distress and mental health in India. The verses have the force of experience and truth, as the artist explores the educational pressures and fear of failure that society collectively imposes on its young population time and time again.

While Paul’s vocals bring out the child’s perspective in all this, Gill’s effortless verses flow as the voice of reason, a critical observer of the state of affairs. The disillusioning track is incredibly touching. Made with high energy, the beats, melodies, and harmonies are addictive as they loop through the brain, heart, and spirit. It rings true and readily draws out our empathy. Using sweeping violins, impactful metaphors, and trickling piano melodies, the artist amasses a nuclear emotional power that reverberates through us.

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