Nick Nery and Metano Katayama are on the fast lane. Their energy is transcendent, seeping through the track because of their approach. They understand and bring the song’s essential vibe to the fore every time. Nick Nery collaborates with Metano for his track Fast Life. Let’s see what happens on the speeding lane.

With an infectiously catchy instrumental part, Nick Nery lays down some of the most defining, crisp and precise bars I’ve heard. If there is a bar for hip-pop, it is constantly shifting with performances like this. Essential and groovy, there are no wasted parts, everything is required to understand the vibe. Pumped on energy and strident power, Metano Katayama and Nick Nery cage an insane creature, and this is their tale. Like our lives, we have a hectic overlap of layers, things that can still be understood in a macro scale. The push is evident with the kind of beats and tempos they use, it is a quick, energetic reminder of where we are and where we need to be. Let the hustle stay on.

Metano has established his stronghold on the kind of music he loves with his tracks. Goddess and Echinococcus bring some of the best production and compositional composure I’ve heard in some time. Nick Nery has made tidal waves with his tracks Loving You, Moon and Waiting for Your Love. There is an energy that led in this direction from both, and they found it. Thankfully for us, we get to hear that output. Listen to their track here: