Miles Prime has the tools and the suave to speed ahead. With fanatic lyricism and a demonic control over the verses he puts out, he has never stopped from challenging himself. His latest track just shows how far he’s come with his musical ability, a new single called Fine Wine. 

With a creative, catchy hook defining the background of the song, Miles Prime has to just layer over this instrumental. The piano hook shows its face in entirety before Miles seizes the platform like Jay-Z on his debut album. The unhinged but with purpose move tends to be a salute to his productivity and proclivity. Though the track is slightly more than 2 minutes, each nook and cranny is evenly marinated with bars and rhymes, something that has been something of a lost art. Here, the song is complete and nothing is redundant, as the wrap up is as clear as the powerful opening.

Miles has made sure his albums contain markers of his progress, always. Even his 2021 album Miles Ahead has some of the most balanced and polished tracks in the indie game. He has been professionally creating music since 2014, and has no plans to slow down. A global shutdown has mustered and charged his creativity more, so we can’t wait to hear what he’s got up his sleeve. Listen to his single here: