Missingno is all about visual soundscapes. Inspired by his love for video games and the poetry of cryptic codes, the artist creates smooth tracks that are mellow in their presentation but visceral in their experience. He revitalizes vintage sound profiles with sublime pop arrangements and hip-hop beats. In his new release, You_Know, Missingno. puts up a low-key synth flow, edged by deep basses and chiming synths. 

The slow inertia of the track is affecting in ways that you wouldn’t expect. It seeps into the psyche cavity with its mysterious aura, bubbling with secrets. Using beeping synths and muffled hip-hop beat cycles, the artist casts an electro-melancholy spell. And his bare baritones, with its deep aural effect, flesh out the emotions with resigned cadence and despondent gloom. 

Based in Akron, Ohio, the artist draws from his culture and experience growing up in Brooklyn and Dallas. He debuted his unique sound experience in 2015 with his single, The Screen. He has since released five songs and an album. Stay tuned for more Missingno.

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