MN Moder has lived many lives. From serving in the United States Army and having a criminal lifestyle to being a model, actor, and hip-hop artist, he’s seen more than his share of adversity, harshness, and pain. But on the flip side, all his experiences forged a pathway for him to discover valuable perspectives and wisdom to navigate life. And that’s what he brings to his music. He catalogs his trials and tribulations in light of the lessons and insight that he got from it. Infusing them into an atmosphere of empowering verses, catchy hooks, and engaging beats, the artist propagates the message of resilience, perseverance and hope. In his latest release, Just Forget It, MN Moder collaborates with music composer and songwriter, Jason Szklarek to deliver a punching pop rap that will have you grooving and going back for seconds. 

The track has a cruising rhythm, underpinned by hip-hop beats and pulsing synths. This chill wave is preserved by the baritone pop rap, its raspy casualness melting into the soundscape. The passion is contained in the weighted vocal timbre and expounded by the potent harmonies. And flowing to the end, it rolls on with an authentic emotional ambience that is characteristic of the genre. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Just Forget It by MN Moder featuring Jason Szklarek here –