Niel Theos is a Hip-hop artist who is known for his melodic music that is blended beautifully with some heartfelt lyrics. This is one of those artists who can make you groove to his beats right off the bat! I enjoyed trending through his discography which is a vivid display of his vast skills. If you love to listen to hip-hop that includes some ecstatic, melodic vocals, you will love this artist. This is an artist who deserves all the recognition in the world! Do give this amazing artist a go.

I recently discovered this artist through his latest release which is one of the best tracks I’ve come across this year. The track is named ‘One Day’ and is an amazing track that showcases some great musicality. Listening to this amazing track had me swaying side to side with the music. The track is well-produced and written with beauty. The musical elements are curated with utmost care to create the perfect vibe for the track. The melodies used in the track are immersive and will have you enchanted by the end. The way this track is carried is remarkably well. The drums have the perfect amount of impact and bounciness. The vocals are written and executed well. Niel’s voice will cast a spell on you and get you hooked on the melody by the end of the track. Be sure to listen to the track, you will surely be left spellbound. This is a perfect match for my evening chill playlist.

You can listen to One Day by Niel Theos down here-