Salisbury-based rapper, hip-hop and electronic music artist Noc Beteck, elevates his sonic prowess with this new track Cosmos. The track is the fifth release in anticipation of his debut album, following Mental Paradox, Potion, MVP, and Devil. As a self-taught musician, Noc brings himself to his music, washing it with his personal experiences, emotion, and passion. And that’s where all the magic is. So come experience the story and life of Noc Beteck. 

The artist is a thinker, spilling his thoughts and worldviews on the canvas. He beats the complex expanses of rumination with hyperactive synths and eclectic beats. With a runtime of less than three minutes, the soaring soundscape liberates both the mind and the body. 

He secures the infinite poetry of the cosmos within the recurring motifs of the track. The punching beats and the homogenous vibrations of the bass lines are vehicles to a trancelike state of mind. And the rhythmic verses inundate the soundscape with larger than life imagery. “Sitting with the stars, I’m just chilling in the cosmos.” 

The track is available for streaming on all popular sites like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Cosmos by Noc Beteck here – 

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