Texas-based singer-songwriter, rapper and musical visionary, Obvious has dropped his latest single, Touchdown. And just as the title suggests, its a moment of celebration. So strap up and dive into the stylish universe that is Obvious.

A mellow synth flow casts a calm spell and paves the way for chill pop-rap verses. The husky baritone vocal flow is complemented by synthetic vocal harmonies. In combination with the synth melodies, they electrify the soundscape and form the perfect backdrop for the vocals to bounce off of. Add to this mix, a little bit of sass, suave, and soul, and it makes for a perfect touchdown.

It’s the track’s fluidity that makes the magic happen. The chill beats set a flexible rhythm and readily blend with the melodies and dissolve into the porous texture of the vocals. Every element of the song shifts and adapts to accommodate and amplify the other. The euphonic vision is completed with personal lyrics that reveal passion, growth, and real experiences. Wearing his heart on his sleeve and carrying emotion in his voice, the artist creates a golden weave of feelings that lock us in.

Totally immersive, the elegant synergies in the track boast the natural and effortless skill of the artist. The way he makes room for his art and commands his space within the melodies is quite impressive. If you’re in the market for a lo-fi track that revives you without being too in your face, Touchdown by Obvious is for you!

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