Old Times by Official is a single from his new album, Therapy that is set to release on 26th July, 2022. 

The song begins with a savvy pop-rap, sliding with polished technique and lined with an inky melody. The artist picks up the verse and stylishly rolls with it. The artist’s voice is sophisticated and yet raw and rough, with an appealing coarseness. The artist’s rap rhythm is on point with the pauses and drags organically timed and effortlessly presented. With a steady beat following the voice of the artist, the song is closely accompanied by the subtle synth motions, oscillating between lines. The sinking and rising synths are complemented by circling echos that afford a pensive aura to the song.

The lyrics brings out the artist’s opinion on the obsession with old times. The artist believes that the only way to roll is to roll with time, in the direction of growth and a better you. He advises the listeners to leave behind the old energy and make a break towards a better you. The chorus sections the song and adds a groove energy to the song. The pop rap is candid and catchy, loaded with cruising energy. 

With simple, relatable lyrics, the Official manages to uncover the wisdom hidden in plain sight with casual style. To find your truth and edge towards good energy and vibrations is the best way to find yourself. 

Watch out for Old Times releasing soon on all streaming platforms on 26th July, 2022!