Ozzient is a producer who is known for his intricate productions that are sure to introduce you to a whole new plane of musicality. Each of his tracks packs his unique musical ring that is intricately designed to incur the maximum impact. He recently made his debut and is already out with his second d track named ‘Feelin’ a Vibe’ which is an amazing track. The track projects the artist’s distinctive musical abilities through each musical note creating a perfect vibe for the track. Surely an artist to keep an eye out for as he is going to be the next big thing for sure.

I came across this artist through the first release and was hooked instantly. His recent release, “Feelin’ a Vibe” is a great track that beautifully intertwines melodic vocals with vibrant rap flows. This is his second track and yet it shows how versatile this producer can be. The track packs melodic vocals that are so well-blended with the rap bits that you will be amazed! The vibe is beautifully woven with the ecstatic instrumentation that will run deep into your skin and make you fall for this amazing piece of art. The unique musical elements used in the track are something out of this world. Surely a must-listen for anyone who enjoys good music.

Overall, this is a track to be discovered by all music lovers who appreciate good music blended with exquisite vocals. Do give it a go and trust me, this is a feast for the ears. Catch a little glimpse of the track by Ozzient down here-