Ozzient is a Guatemalan musician and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago. The artist has been closely associated with music in all its expression since he was a child. Having learnt how to play the piano, drums, Güira, Tambora, and beatbox, he quickly developed a passion for writing, producing and developing soundscapes. Years of studying and working with music rewarded him with a keen knack for sound craft. In his latest single, NLTS, Ozzient combines the experimental diversity of Pronto Valid and sublime soul flows of A.T.O. (aka AllenTheOfficial) to deliver a riveting listening experience. Listen Now!

The track is about the hardships and struggles of every person trying to achieve their goals, dreams & aspirations. Something that pretty much every person goes through on a daily basis. It inspires a resilience in the listener, inspiring them to push and power through it to achieve their dreams and goals. It opens with vibrant plucked synths. Its mellow rhythm is elevated with punching beats and Pronto’s rolling verses. His low tonal charisma is incredibly impressionable and infectious. The artist claims his own rhythm, riding high and low with the bass and beats. A.T.O. picks up where he leaves. The frames are seamlessly reconciled. Ozzient finds the congruency in their styles and artistry and fuses them strategically to form a continuum. It illuminates his skill and artistic insight. A.T.O.’s R&B flow is tempered by Pronto’s strident verses, as the track rolls towards the end.

This track marks Ozzient’s fourth release since his debut earlier this year (2023). Each track is a window into his unique understanding of music design and development.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to NLTS by Ozzient, A.T.O., and Pronto Valid here –