Ozzient is an extremely talented producer. Any track of his you listen to, has an extreme amount of detailed work put in. Hand-picking from the best, only talented poets of the genre put in their worth to make his songs so welcoming and inspiring. Reminiscin’ is no different. His latest single has verses from KiERAN and Kay9 and Essay M providing a memorable hook. 

The song is rich with simple chord progressions and a low frequency banquet. It solidifies the place for the hip-hop artists to lay down their ridiculously stealthy and stylish lines. It is the provision of a master artist, someone who can gauge what the song needs and provide the space for it. Ozzient is that canvas provider, with the hues set in the back. KiERAN gives a memorable performance, while Essay M gives us one hook that rides on the progression. Kay9 has his own textures brought in for his performance, and the tones are all about memory. The track is another stellar effort from master beat maker Ozzient, who has been constantly stepping up his game and quality in the kind of songs he puts forward. Kendick Lamar gets the stones out from DJ Dahi, never forget. 

You can listen to songs like Love You Can’t Resist and NLTS from this artist as well. There are several collaborations a year, so better follow him on Spotify and his socials for updates. For now, reminisce along with the song here: