Princeton is an El Paso-based artist who recently made his debut with his track named ‘Wanna Die’. This track was written in memory of the artist’s mother. This artist is surely going to make it big! His first track is so exquisite that you can only imagine what’s going to be out next. I am always impressed by the artists who put out awesome debuts, and this artist undoubtedly has broken the record, this is by far the most professional-sounding debut that I’ve come across. Do give this artist a go! You will surely be impressed by how well he carries the track.

Talking about the track, ‘Wanna Die’ is an Emo-hop track that will dig deep into your skin and make you fall for this artist. Each word is placed so carefully that it creates an ethereal vibe that is immersive and captivating. His melodic flows stand out from the crowd and make him special! This is surely an artist who knows how to evoke profound feelings in a listener’s mind. The production is top-notch and each instrument compliments the vibe of the track. This is a track that will surely be loved by the people who like to listen to hip-hop tracks that hold a purpose and just don’t go around money, bitches, and bling. This is a highly recommended track for everyone who’s reading this blog.

You can catch a little glimpse of this piece of art named ‘Wanna Die’ by Princeton down here-