Proklaim is a solo music project by British-born, Namibia based rapper Birungi Alexander Kiremire. He has consistently been dropping music since 2018 but has a very minimalist social media presence and this juxtaposition is reflection of his passion for music. He steps completely into his rap game with his latest track “Scars”.

If one has listened to Proklaim and his music before, you are probably used to hearing him over tender samples or afrobeat music, but as a fan of rap, “Scars” is a treat to my ears as it brings out his most hardcore rapping ability. The chosen sample is echoed out and creates atmosphere with his unique ad-libs that are ever-present. The percussion is a standard yet really hype 808 beat with sound effects layered on top setting the perfect base for Proklaim to flow over.

The track begins with the words “Your Secret’s safe with me” which has deep vocal humming vocal layering. The lines are perhaps foreshadowing what is to come to gain the listener’s trust. The initial lines speak about showing each other your scars, wounds and vulnerabilities post which Proklaim proceeds to share his scars with us. He raps about the untrustworthiness of those around him, selling his soul, fate and chance throughout the track. “Show me the way hearts mend, so I can recognise” was a line that made me click my fingers in the air.

Proklaim is on top of his flow on this single giving the best vocal performance I have heard from him thus far. He gives off big-rapper energy making “Scars” a perfect pre-workout track.