Proklaim can move to any beat if needed. He is the kind of performer that takes the lyrics to another level, especially because of the charisma exuded. His latest single once again gives justice to the rhyme. His latest number is called Civil

With a laid back, afro like beat, he warms up to what is there to come. The beat lays itself down thick. There is a very interesting dynamic that can be noticed in the song. Though there is a “dance” beat going on, Proklaim is being his natural self and putting down the bars as is. It is keeping it real, to the degree of feeding the monsters, as they come. I have never heard someone navigate a beat like this, so it was exciting to listen to. I am reminded of how Childish Gambino moves around in Redbone. Proklaim brings that same kind of swerve and style, without compromising on the feel of the song. Now that is called treading the carpet towards greatness. No wish-wash easy lyrics. Just putting the words where they belong and with what momentum they need. 

Proklaim has released several singles over the course of a few weeks. Vamos is another one you should check out, and if this is your first visit, you’re in for a treat. Check out all eyez by Proklaim as well, it shows you how he’s held his ground and can rap to any rhyme. Listen to the single here: