Birungi Alexander Kiremire also known by his pseudonym Proklaim is a British-born rapper based in Namibia. He has consistently dropped music since 2018 and his latest single “For you” is an exploration of love in all its forms.

The guitar tones used in the track fits into the popular soundscape of strings used by artists like Omah Lay. The percussion is heavy and the bass strings groovy making you want to whine to them. The synths in the chorus and ad-libs that are whispered throughout create atmosphere for the short track. The chorus has deep vocal layering and when it comes around the second time, it skips a beat halfway, making the second half off-beat which I thought was interesting from a production point of view.

As is usual with Proklaim’s music, his penmanship is deep in “For You”. With only two verses he puts on display his unbelievably fast rapping skills. The first verse is delivered in his signature chopper rap style that emphasises the speed of pronunciation and explores his relationship with god and the ones he loves deeply. He speaks about the process of making music, professing his love for the booth and the opportunity it provides to get timeless words off of his chest. The second verse is delivered in a much more conventional style of rapping which is slower; where the words sit perfectly on top of the music. This verse explores being motivated by love and the capacity to reach an “elevated legacy” through it. Power, Purpose and Faith are all aspects of love that Proklaim delves into on this verse.

Ending with the iconic lines “They’re not mad at you, they’re mad it’s you”, “For you” by Proklaim makes for a catchy track whose lyrics you can pick apart or simply dance to.