Proklaim has spread like wildfire through indie playlists on Spotify. An earnest, talented wordsmith, his tracks contain the funky fusion that many songs lack now. His hold on the music and lyrics is extraordinary. Now he comes to us with his latest single, Options.

With a Rasta like opening and toe-dip into funk, Proklaim takes the mic like he has a speech to make. Some of these lines might actually change the world. With lyrics that are spaced wide apart and oscillate between the deep groove of Rasta with the lyrical intensity of Lamar, there is not much that is missing. This artist knows his way around the beat and the rhythm too well to stumble. There is a palpable fever that this track gives off, creating interesting pockets of sound that are like quicksand. His proclivity and profound lyrics are worth really diving into, the song has all the desired effects, yet never loses sight of the purpose of his lyricism.

To understand this musician, is through his music. His love for the groove, beat and most importantly rhymes come with every single he has released yet. From Jester to Sparrow and Fantasy, there is a lot to learn and love from his songwriting. An underrated gem, we see now is when he is really spreading his wings to fly. Listen to his single here: