Proklaim is creating jams with hip-hop that many don’t dare venture into. He has been on fire this year, making so many tracks that we have forgotten to keep count. He continues this ballast trend with his latest song as well. This number is called Poppin

You can see why you’d immediately associate that word with this song. It is in the rhyme, the several reasons and flow that he takes on this song. Something unique about Proklaim is his need to keep shifting gears and challenge himself to new beats. He does so effectively in this song, making for a respectable track that will retain his legacy among the monsters of indie hip-hop. If you dug his groove on Vamos, Alive and Civil, this is a whole different game. It’s just the same console. This is a poet who knows how to keep it fresh, and keep innovating. Probably this song is what shows you how a connoisseur of this can navigate with such class. To condense it all in a few words, this track really is poppin. 

You can check out his other singles from this year to chart his incredible energy. There are also numbers like All Eyez and Righteous that show how far he has come in the game. Listen to his single here and follow him for more music like this!