Known for his mystical style and prophetic aura, Proklaim is a fitting name for this hip-hop artist and rapper. In his new single, Priceless, we see the visceral mastery of Proklaim in the surging verse flows, in his irrepressible truth, and in his insurmountable faith. He creates a limbic sound, manifesting his glory and success with choral and angelic leitmotifs and addictive verse flows.

Using autobiographical accounts, the artist chronicles his past experiences and revisits his values. The verses are delivered in a smooth flow, rolling off the tongue with innate ease and talent. And loaded into a charismatic vocal timbre, we can’t help but be struck by the perfect presentation. Glinting gold with praise and argentum with prayer, ‘I just want to make my way, by the Father’s grace.” the artist creates a reflective spectacle, with his spellcasting reiterations.

The common theme that keeps emerging throughout the song is a strange sense of divinity. With repetitive mantric interludes, it’s as if the artist is invoking a supreme spirit, summoning its will and support for the fruition of his dreams. In combination with the uninterrupted verse flow, it makes for a mesmerizing presence; creating voluptuous and supernatural surrealism that floods the mind.

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