Proklaim makes sure the path to success is linear. Put in the work, talent will be recognised. It is safe to say that everyone who enjoys indie hip-hop knows this name well by now. Several singles under his belt and soul stirring albums later, he is back with another single. This one is called Righteous. He is walking up the final steps now. 

Birungi Alexander Kiremire is to be credited with Proklaim for a lot of the rhymes. This duo is responsible for a lot of soul stirring music. It is this exciting flow that makes the music all worth it. This newest rhyme once again stretches the elastic. Flowing with the rhythm, there is a percussive tap in his words. We’re back to the trap kind of beat, the chorus brings immense energy through the chant like output. When you listen to music like this, you realise the kind of impact it might have on a listener. The beat is spread out a lot more, leaving for a tighter wrap on the flow. Proklaim uses this to the extent of his advantage, precise yet letting the audience revive the melody through their involvement. 

You will be pleased with the way Proklaim has charted his climb. It is incredible to feel, as he transitions from beats to verses and respects the spaces. He will always surprise you with the kind of music he makes, he is prolific and determined that way. Listen to his song here and follow him for more like this!: