Following the majesty of his previous release, Priceless, hip-hop artist and rapper, Proklaim has just put out another banger, Runnin. With his iconic style and smooth effortlessness, his work instantly stands out. As you listen to the track, it becomes clear that this is a self-made man and proud of it. The anecdotes, references, and worldview contained in the verses slowly but surely pave the path to his ambition and awaiting success.

The artist loves hip-hop. He lives it and breathes it. And add to this devotion, an innate talent, and you’ve got yourself a master! After seeking the blessings of ‘The Father’ in Priceless, Proklaim manifests his glory with Runnin. The seamless transitions and beguiling flow of the track instantly prove to be an addictive force. You simply can’t get enough of the towering confidence, regal talent, and charming attitude. Listeners of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, BROCKHAMPTON, and Tyler, The Creator are sure to enjoy the suave style and revolutionary art of this artist.

The magnetic synth in the background race across the soundscape in true compliance with the song’s theme. With candid vocal accents and unpretentious verses, the artist keeps it real and raw.

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You can listen to Runnin by Proklaim here –