Proklaim brings the rhymes with a whole lot of groove. This is a hip-hop artist that has been prolific, to say at the least, with his work. Innovative, stylish and a statement in itself, his songs will cement his legacy. This is his latest single, Starfall

His song creates the perfect vessel for him to pour his heart and soul into. Calculating the flow is easy for him, there are many songs with many meanings out by now. This has more of a hook, and a melody that you can link to. The blend of R&B and hip-hop creates a resonance that is entertaining to say at the least. It is an incredible song, where you can hear Proklaim go back and forth between tune and rhyme. There is an addictive groove carrying it on in the background, and he makes sure he is seamless in the transitions. Rhyme is his natural territory, creating and forging his own path. It is an exciting number, having a softer edge in the background. This is heard in softer piano harmonics that float in the background, creating a great contrast. 

Proklaim recently released a slew of singles, Vamos and Alive being two of them. Stay tuned for more of his singles that are to come. Listen to his latest single here and follow him for more!