‘Vamos’ is Proklaim’s call to celebrate and immerse in life in the meaningful ways. Maybe you’re struggling through something, it all aligns, all the woes and miseries, with a perspective so precious. The Namibian-American rapper, lyricist, and composer has a way of generating momentum in the most real and relatable way. As a poet, he stays close to reality, fleshing it out with beautiful philosophies and hypnotic verse flows. The mellow undulations of his delivery are tapped with African beats and their raw energy.

The way he brings out the theme is especially compelling. He makes mountainous commentaries on human greed, selfishness, and hatred and how they suffocate the life out of living.

iTunes Artwork for 'Vamos - Single (by Proklaim)'

The opening line, ‘Only if we were here to celebrate life, if you put a price on it … everyday we gotta do this wager, everyday you gotta do this major, everyday we celebrate favor’ captures the core of the theme.

His succinct and clear verses are detailed by dots of percussion and dance grooves, smoky jazz accents and vocal harmonies. And listening to it is an eye-opening pleasure, that is enjoyable in spirit and enlightening in essence. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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