Pronto Valid is a household name in the alternative hip-hop game by now. His production skills and style have transcended genres, his rhymes are addictive and honest. There is a ridiculous power his music has to help the listener groove. Whether you like him or not, he doesn’t care. Here is Pronto with his single, TEAM

More self-aware and lyrically incisive than ever, Pronto Valid brings the best of his rhymes to the centre stage. You can hear the background being a positive influence on his rhyming and motion, creating a wondrous synergy. Working with PaulyTrilla, Pronto is showing the world that you don’t need millions of dollars and 18 months of waiting for a hit track. His rhymes come from the heart, and the only validation he needs is his own. Immersive thought and focus have gone into writing this incredibly catchy single that owns his place as a force that needs to calculate his next move. With TEAM, Pronto Valid has proven that hip-hop is just his lifestyle, a second language to him. Don’t believe me? Pay attention to the lyrics and you’ll know. 

Pronto Valid already has incredible hits with Only Thing I Know and ‘08 Civic, amongst others. He is warmed up, and making some brilliant runs in his music. Follow him and listen to his amazing, influential single here with us!