Queenie is a hip-hop artist who is known for her deep lyrics that dig deep into picturization and metaphors. She makes tracks that are soo good that you will find yourself spellbound. She is one of the most powerful MCs I’ve ever witnessed. She is the one that will be breaking all the charts with her deep lyrics and ecstatic musicality. Her subtle accent makes her even more addictive. There is no going back once you’ve heard ‘Queenie’ you will be her fan forever. She is surely aiming for the crown and the way her tracks are sounding makes me feel like the day is not at all far away.

I recently came across one of her tracks which is named MANMADE which is surely my favorite track from her discography. This is the track that has a huge twist with the name. The track is an amazing piece of art with a lot of metaphors and pen games. She is an artist who has a great grip on her pen and the way she writes, makes it hard for the listener to resist. The track is a drill track with one of the most innovative hi-hat patterns I have ever come across. The track was written and structured beautifully to incur the maximum impact. The hook is addictive and stays in your head all the time. The hook is a bold statement and one of the best lines of the track. This is surely an amazing track that is highly reccomended.

Do give this track a go, here’s where you can catch a little glimpse-