Spatial excellence in music is a complex arena to get into. RaSean Parks does it elegantly with his songs. A natural state of flow helps keep this man’s pendulum oscillating, so minimal instruments are the ideal setting. With his new track Black Venus, he shows us how fluent he is getting in the language of R&B laced hip-hop.

The mark of any good  musician is letting the atmosphere settle in. Like wading through a bog, there is joy in the sense of excitement being perceived. The sense of discovery comes in with RaSean Parks bringing his verses in. Smooth and composed to detail, he brings the flow and suave with the dapper definition that he carries in his songs. The chorus is brought in with a meta discovery, something that banks on the relaxed, essential instrumental vibe of this song. Each verse details the sensual visuals he can paint with his vocabulary, prolific in the execution as well.

His music can be found in indie discover playlists, and you can check out his tracks on Spotify. Impressions is his album from 2020, & Lottie the Body was a single released last year. He’s always creating music, so brace yourself for releases. Listen to his single here: