Rhythmic Quest is living his dreams through music now. From being another office stamp, he has finally found the edge to say that he can sail the boat. You immediately relate, if you’re on a path to salvation like this artist. This is his latest single, Dog Days.

You might have heard the famous quote,” Every dog has its day.” This is true only if the dog is willing enough to have its day. Putting the work in, Rhythmic Quest has had a tenfold improvement in the effect and effort in his songs. With lyrics like “Blowing big names off their feet, When I come in for the feat, We gon be making big hits on the bills board, Voice is the sword and the poet is the words”, he creates a beautiful framework. It shows how far his art has come, how much it has impacted him. The happy, summer groove in the background is an instant sticky factor, bringing in some 2010s radio hits memories. The piano strikes bring their own flow to the song, the production bringing the crispest sound to you. Quite honestly, dog days are over.

All of Rhythmic Quest’s songs will bring a smile to your face. Feel Good and Shaolin Splice are two of my favourites, in terms of how creatively a rhythm can be executed. He is always writing, creating and producing, so expect music to be as frequent as his heartbeat. For now, listen to his fun single Dog Days here with us: