Rico Green has been creating some of the most definitive and exhilarating tracks in the indie hip-hop and pop scene. His single from 2021, Justify, is no different. Featuring guest artists like Space Boy and Lil Tokyo Drip, this is a mélange of flavors that is as rare as it is exciting.

With a laid back lo-fi beat spreadsheet, Rico creates a moderately dense background to enjoy. The track is a highlight because of the lyrical mastery from three different artists, each bringing their own special hook to the table. Verse by verse, they lay down some of the crispest bars-shying from no topic. Inspired by the likes of the HOV, there are parts that make it seem like a deep dive analysis into the duality of human nature, and the conscience behind actions.

Starting out his career with Used To, Rico Green has made sure there is something new to experience in each track. Whether this be from the collaborations or the sounds he wants to infuse, there is no dearth of the technical and musical mastery he is inching towards. His newest release Since is also out, released in late February this year.

You could listen to repetitive bars bubbling from mediocrity. Or, you could take a step into this Twilight Zone and enjoy what Rico has to offer. Listen to his track here: