Run by Rico Green is a vivacious hip-hop single featuring Great Job and Avelli. Born in Brooklyn and raised in U.S Virgin Island, Green’s style reflects his experiences and inspirations. After having produced behind the scenes for 8 years before venturing out on his own as Great Job. Exploring sound forms and genres, his music is a mix of indie, hip hop, grime, and alternative. 

The song flows with tumbling pop-rock verses rendered in continuity. The periodic bass beats and mellow synth melody run parallel to the circuiting verses. The song contains a manic seriousness, urgency and chaotic tension. 

Showcasing three distinct tempo lines, the artists effortlessly place their burgeoning verses in the spaces between the beats and the synths to create a perfect rhythm spiral. With the verses embedded in relentless breath cycles, the artists deliver musical ease and style.

The fleeing verses keep you on your toes. Like chaos ordered with skillful precision and delivered with a casual whim, like a battalion of marching soldiers, the verses align into wonderful formations. The beats discipline and edge the verses while the synths softens them. The vocal timbre of the artists blend like ingredients in a melting pot before they rush to surface with an immense energy.

An energetic ride, the verses circle your skull and anchors itself to it. With irrepressible spirit and liveliness, the song surges and rises like the ocean’s tide. 

Available on YouTube Music and Spotify. 

Listen to Run by Rico Green here-