Robin Shaw wants the tinge of hip-hop he makes to be different. His style comes from understanding the rhythm, deeply enough to create something that means something to him as well as others. The song he has for us today is more powerful than you’d expect. This is called Jekyll and Hyde

We’re on the topic of duality. Each person shows two faces, depending on the circumstance they are put under. Robin Shaw makes a melodic revelation with the opening itself, and creates an energy unlike any other single he has made. The words push in deeper, stronger the moment he says the turnover phrase. Soft, but firm beats come in, creating an atmosphere that engulfs you in a neo-renaissance of a new style. It is elating, the lines are detailed yet might reference someone you might have known in your lifetime. The Fight or Flight singer resonates with a buzzing frequency that dominates his strong and glowing personality. You’ll see him use words with a strange economy, finding wholesome meaning in the shortest sentences. When it all boils down, Robin Shaw makes something that should give him a sense of pride and confidence. 

Listen to his single below, and also explore his other titles on Spotify. Yours Sincerely, Today’s Generation are relevant pieces with a stellar songwriting flow that might not match with anyone’s in the indie industry. Check out the single here: