San Francisco- based artists Rock Plaid x Survive Bullsh* have just dropped their third act of the Creature series. Bad Lemons is the breakout song featuring the unique sound profiles and blends of RPxSB. Comprising childhood friends Roddy and Biz, the outfit fuses vintage Caribbean pop with modern hip-hop.

This hip-hop track is unlike anything you have ever heard or imagined. Seasoned with Caribbean pop melodies that take you back to the era of Harry Belafonte, husky rap verses lift right off the canvass and glide through the song. The vintage melodies’ sway complements the modern themes that are explored by the artists with effortless ease.

Exploring themes such as family life, drugs, the frivolity of the current work culture, and dating life, the sassy rap has a homegrown style that is loaded with culture. Bringing the mellow and chill vibe of the Caribbean to the track, the artists advocate savoring life’s moments and unsubscribing from the fast-paced life that we are used to.

We see vintage leitmotifs, reminiscent of the 50s featured sprinkled across the song. With a wealth of old-school influences and silver-tongued rap verses, the song is truly the freshest thing you will hear. The track simplifies happiness and reveals the joy of devoting your life to things that are important to you. It’s all about having fun! So pop a cold one, find a coconut tree, put on some RPxSB, and peace out!

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music!

Listen to Bad Lemons by RPxSB here-