Stephin Vijayan, aka S-BEATS MUSIC, has just dropped his new album Without Ties of which Boss is the first song. Starting off at just 15 years old, it’s no surprise that his music has received an onslaught of positive attention. His Remix ‘Fi Ha‘ has surpassed 100k streams on Spotify, it has also risen as a trend on IG with over 26K using the sound on Reels.

Popping with a vibrant mystery and sensuality, the hip-hop track is addictive. The resounding synth line and savvy beat structure build up the energy and keep it marching. The effortless verses spill as smoothly as water, drenching us in their experience and emotion. It is addictive, and its brevity further adds to its appeal and allure.

The cascading lines slide off like mercury. It’s elusive, enjoying the chase, the artist gives us but a taste of its essence, power, and style. And, that’s how you open an album. With beats rolling into verses, grinding with potent luxury, and a boss attitude that depicts a covetable high life. Now that he’s established himself as a talented trap music producer, S-BEATS MUSIC is now expanding his abilities to work within other genres and soundscapes.

Available on Spotify and YouTube Music!

Listen to Boss by S-Beats Music here –