Sabathil720 is an artist named Mel G Acquaah, born in Bronx New York, raised in Jersey, and currently based in Arizona. He is known for his innovative musical concepts that make him special and unique. His flows are fresh and distinctive. The way he spins deep lyricism with such music is undoubtedly remarkable. This is surely an artist who should be explored. Do give this artist a go and trust me you will be amazed by his expressive musical projects. This is an artist who will bewitch you with his supernatural musical skills,

I came across Sabathil720 recently through his latest release which is named My A.I. which is about a futuristic post-apocalypse journeyman, who builds a female robot, artificial intelligence, that he falls in love with. This is surely one hell of a concept just like his other works. This artist surely can get you screaming ‘Damn’. The track has some deep melodies that are well mixed with punchy, programmed drums. The track has a hint of EDM elements and the way the music variates makes me weak in the knees. The flows are great and well executed by the artist throughout the track. This track appeals to me so much due to its expressive lyricism that is blended with the stardust of deep lyricism. This track is surely something that you should explore if you like to listen to music that is immersive. I am sure adding it to my personal playlists. You can catch a little glimpse of this masterpiece if you like down here-