Sleepy Loco is an American rapper and hip-hop artist with an artistic personality that rivals the greats. His style and delivery is incredibly versatile, delivering a unique canvas with each track, revolutionized with fresh interpretations, sonic pallets, and emotional dimensions. In his latest track, On My Mind, Sleepy Loco delivers dreamy R&B powered love spheres, contrasting it with his heritage of hustle and success. Listeners of Kendrick Lamar are sure to enjoy the casual cockiness and effortless depth of the verses.

The track opens with soft tendrils of ethereal harmonies. Sparkling funk synths hang off the smooth vocals like stars. But the real crowning jewel is Sleepy Loco’s verses. Rolling off his tongue and natural charisma and iconic style, his rhythm and attitude is addictive; thus making his message addictive. The stark contrast between textures and emotion between the backdrop and the verses craft an endless surreal daze that draws us into its folds. Sleepy Loco debuted in 2016 with his single, Numbers and has since built a portfolio that speaks to his artistic sophistication and novelty. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to On My Mind by Sleepy Loco here –